What is a Life Coach?

My photo What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach? That term is so popular these days that everybody and their momma are becoming one. To put it simply, a life coach is someone who helps you improve your life in a particular area. Continue reading

Knowing Your Purpose in Life

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Be the person God designed you to be…

Why do you exist? Is it to run a small business to serve people? Is it to start a ministry? Is it to open a nonprofit charity to feed the hungry in other parts of the world? Is it to be a teacher and teach inner city youth how to be more productive citizens? Continue reading

Progressing in the Kingdom of God

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Progressing in the Kingdom of God is commonly talked about. But what does it mean? And if you find yourself not being where you want to be in life, are you really progressing in the Kingdom? Suppose you want to start a business, but haven’t yet, are you making progress in God’s Kingdom? If you fail to make the money you want, have the spouse you want, live in the house you want, travel the world, become a leader, and similar things, does that mean you’re not progressing in God?

Listen in on this brief audio, where I shed some light on the process of progressing in the Kingdom of God. You don’t want to miss this. It will show you where you are in life, and show you that it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be!!

Listen in >>>http://bit.ly/19Kxu9P

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Five Simple Steps to Living Better Financially

Five Simple Steps to Living Better Financially

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You Could Be Losing Money Faster than You’re Making It!

Money got you down? Well, like most people, you probably don’t have a system setup for managing money. So I want to provide you with a very simple system you can follow, starting today! This is my 5-step strategy for managing money and living better financially. Continue reading

The Results of Sin

The Results of Sin

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The Results of Sin

Did you know that sin holds you back in life? If you didn’t know, now you do. It will cause you to spend unnecessary time right where you are.

God makes it very simple for us: If we do what He wants us to do, we will be blessed. If we don’t do what He wants us to do we will be cursed. See Deuteronomy 28 for the blessings of obedience and the cursings of disobedience.

The Sin Graph

Man, if we could see the real-time results of our sin in graph or chart form, we would do much less of it! Imagine that:

  • Stealing leads to another year where you are.
  • Lying leads to 6 months.
  • Fornication leads to 2 years in your present position.
  • Spreading rumors about others leads to 3 years.
  • And so on.

This is only a hypothetical situation, but we have to realize that our sins have real consequences whether or not God forgives us. Continue reading