What’s Your Movement?

What’s Your Movement? “Why did you change your title from a Life Development Strategist to an End-Time Revivalist, David? That’s so vague. It’s strange. It does not tell people how you … Continue Reading →

My Radio Interview with Dr. Fred Simkovsky from Amazing Men of Power Show

Just want to let you know about a recent radio interview I did to help you live your life purpose more effectively. I hope you find it helpful. The details … Continue Reading →

33 Ways to Master the Law of Spiritual Leverage

33 Ways to Master the Law of Spiritual Leverage Now more than ever your spiritual state is what will determine your success in life. People have taken their spiritual wellness … Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Big Breakthrough in Business

How to Get Your Big Breakthrough in Business I’m always benchmarking the successes of other people in business. Want to take your business to the next level? Well find someone … Continue Reading →

Is Business for You?

Is business for you? That’s a question that must be answered by aspiring entrepreneurs before jumping out into the deep. I am one that has been through the challenges of … Continue Reading →

Build a Six Figure Business Online Selling Info Products

Build a Six Figure Business Online Selling Info Products 1 – 3 p.m. Pacific Complimentary training Are you trying to build your business on the internet? Do you need … Continue Reading →

Just Answers LIVE Google Hangout

Welcome to the Just Answers with David LIVE Google Hangout! I decided to conduct this Hangout from a local university today (UMBC/University of Maryland Baltimore County) since I was out … Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for Jesus to Return?

Are You Ready for Jesus to Return? The Scariest Dream of My Life Here is what I wrote on my social media update about 2AM this morning… “Shaken. Up early. … Continue Reading →

Are You a Lion in God’s End-Time Army?

Where are my lions at? I am the founder and only member of the Take-Pride.™ That’s a pride of lions that go out in courage and hunger to take back … Continue Reading →

FREE Webinar Shows You How to Make Six Figures a Year Online

“Is this a scam?” That’s what I’ve been hearing lately from people curious about internet marketing. Make no mistake about it, there probably ARE some pyramid schemes going around out … Continue Reading →

How You Can Make 100K Online with Your Own Business

Are you a student?   Have you ever considered taking what you know, and what you’re currently learning in school and creating a business  selling information products?   I mean, … Continue Reading →

Welcome to the End-Time Revival – The Revolution Will Be Televised

Welcome to the End-Time Revival – The Revolution Will Be Televised God is birthing and raising up business leaders, musicians, artists, sculptors, dancers, singers, diplomats, writers, builders, philosophers, speakers, producers, … Continue Reading →

Achieve Your Life Goals in 100 Days or Less

  It might be the result of all the news lately about surveillance and privacy concerns, but here’s a pretty darn good idea which I’d like for you to consider… … Continue Reading →

List of Upcoming Empowering Events Worth Checking Out

Here are some empowering upcoming events worth checking out and forwarding to your network… 1. Just Answers with David Got questions about how to effectively live your calling? Spirituality? Business? … Continue Reading →

Is True Love in Your Ministry?

Is True Love in Your Ministry? You never learn to love people until you learn to hate people. If you’re in ministry, it’s only at the point of being fed … Continue Reading →

Just Answers with David – Google Hangout

Got a question about how to effectively live your calling and do your part to move God’s Kingdom forward and make a difference in the world? Need help growing spiritually or … Continue Reading →

FREE Webinar – The Truth about Making Money Online

Is it possible to do what you love and make great money doing so? Absolutely!   It’s being done by countless entrepreneurs each and every day. One person who has been doing … Continue Reading →

Christian Empowerment for 2014 Google Hangout Replay

It was almost a bust… …but I saved it all with a few adjustments.   Here is the replay to my Hangout today…   >>> [Sign up to get … Continue Reading →

Do You Need a Job?

Job search? You don’t need a job search, you need a God search! You need to find God and He will lead you to the job He wants you to … Continue Reading →

The First Step to Your Victory in Life

The First Step to Your Victory in Life How many times in life have you faced situations where you were trying to do your best to move ahead, but found … Continue Reading →