4 Steps to Getting What You Want from God

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Are your prayers getting answered?

Have you ever felt like the heavens were just closed and you couldn’t receive the smallest blessing from God when you asked Him for something? Do you feel like your prayers are just meaningless words that don’t usually result in blessings? Well, I’m going to nip that in the bud today. You are going to learn a 4-step simple process for getting what you want from God. Apply this to your life, and you will see more and more of your prayers being answered, and more of God’s blessings flowing into your life.

Here are the 4 Steps…

1. Know God’s Will

Once you know God’s will, it’s pretty easy to get what you want from God: Just do what He wants. You should know that whatever God wants, God gets. He is quite capable of manipulating the world and situations to suit His will. So find out what God’s will is concerning your life, and do it. Make plans in conjunction with His will. Everything you do should align with His will. Otherwise, it won’t work. You can find God’s will for your life by getting to know Him better, and simply asking Him. Prayer, reading the Bible, talking with God, and meditating are some simple ways to find out what God wants for you. Here’s a general way to know God’s will—it’s always righteous, holy, good, prosperous, glorifies Him, protects you, and is in your best interest (i.e. it won’t harm you, hurt you, cause you loss, or end you up in hell). God’s will is always good in nature. So, if the thing you want in life is not good in nature (in God’s eyes), it’s not in God’s will. You need to want or need something else.

2. Have Faith

You know God’s will. Now, have faith in Him. Know that you can achieve anything you want once it’s in God’s will. But you absolutely must have faith. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. You gotta think outside the box with God. You gotta ask for the impossible, pray for the unattainable, and expect the unexpected. That’s faith. Faith is that thing that says, “I can’t do it, but God can.”  And that’s what moves God to act on your behalf: faith. Be sure your faith, and whatever you’re asking for is in alignment with God’s will. Then, you will be one step closer to achieving it. Any plan you make, idea you have, thing you want, goal you have, and so forth must operate in conjunction with God’s will. Your faith is the catalyst of change in your life. And it moves you toward God’s will. Have it!

3. Pray or Make a Declaration by Faith

I dare you to make a bold declaration by faith! Declare your life. State what your new house will look like. Claim your new job or business. Take income from the spiritual world by faith. Speak over that spouse you want. Or even pray for any of those things and more. You have the faith from the previous step. Now activate it! Take action. And go wherever it is that God leads you. He will most certainly show you which actions to take in life to achieve (1) His will, (2) your faith, and (3) the prayer or declaration you just made by faith. God always honors your faith!

4. Water Your Seed

It’s not enough just to stop there. No. You have to water your seed. Keep believing for what you prayed for or made a declaration over. Keep encouraging yourself. Keep declaring what you asked for. Get specific. Talk about the amenities your new house will have in it. Talk about exactly how much money you will make in your business this year. Say what features your new car will have in it, and what color it will be on the outside. When you feel down, tell yourself, “It’s coming. I ain’t giving up. I’m believing God. My miracle is here. My help is on the way. My breakthrough is NOW!” Bless God. Thank Him for giving you what you ain’t even got yet. Praise Him for giving you what you declared you have. Keep watering your seed, keep believing, keep praising, keep envisioning it, keep dreaming, keep hoping. In doing so, you will be reminding God that you trust Him, and that you’re faithfully believing Him for your victory. He doesn’t need you to remind Him of what you want or need: He just likes to hear that you trust Him and that you’re relying on Him for your supply. That leads to blessings!


I don’t know what it is you want or need in life. I only know that God is a supplier of all your needs, from business income to a heart transplant, and everywhere in between. This 4-step process will help you get what you want from God without fail. Be encouraged. All things are possible with God!

Let’s go higher,


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The Costs of Sin

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The Costs of Sin

We All Sin…

We all sin. And sin comes in many different forms. But the bottom line is this; sin does affect our relationship with God, and sin DOES slow up our progress in life (promotion, peace of mind, etc.) not to mention leads people to hell if they die unsaved and without repentance. That’s me being blunt. Continue reading

Oh Ye of Little Work

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The Harvest is Ready…

Today I’m going to convict you. You ready? Here goes.

Working in the Kingdom

I want to discuss the subject of work, or lack thereof in the Kingdom of God. There are far too many people making excuses for why they can’t work:

  • Why they can’t give
  • Why they can’t volunteer for a cause
  • Why they can’t sacrifice themselves for somebody else
  • Why they can’t help
  • Why they can’t contribute

Now, I’m not literally referring to ‘having a job’ (though that may be the case for some). I’m moreso referring to the fact of not doing the work that God called you to do:

  • Not living your calling
  • Not sacrificing yourself for others
  • Not putting your neck on the line
  • Not serving
  • Not giving
  • Not inconveniencing yourself
  • Not doing what you’re called to do
  • Or just plain running away from God (as Jonah did when He was called) Continue reading

15 Ways to Earn More Money

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Start living your dreams…

15 Ways to Earn More Money

So, the other day I thought to myself, “there must be a lot of people out there that want to earn more money”. And you could be one of them. You may be just barely making ends meet. You may be unemployed or losing hours fast. You may be in over your head with bills. You may just need some extra spending money to go on vacation, to shop, buy a car, or whatever.

No matter your situation, there are some simple things you can do starting today to start earning more money. Here, I list just 15 basic things that can put cash in your pocket. Oh, I missed this one (to make it 16) – sell something. List it on Craigslist, have a yard sale, have an estate sale, post it in a classified ad, hire a broker, and then some. Sell something valuable that you own that could make you money instantly!

Ok, now on to the other 15. Check out this brief audio where I discuss the 15 ways to earn more money

>>> http://bit.ly/17Edes9

By the way, I run an online business. If you need help starting or growing your business, leave a comment below. Tell me more about your situation. What is your industry and background. What do you struggle with? What is your biggest goal in terms of running your own business (being a recognized leader, creating and selling a product, having your own website, making X amount of dollars, writing a book, or something else)?

Let’s go higher in money…


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Become the person God wants you to be! These 30+ spiritual lessons will
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Labor Day Special Offer

labor day photo: Labor Day Labor-day_zps35e9c85c.jpgAre you tired yet? I mean,

  • Tired of going through the same thing day in and day out
  • Tired of being in the same place in life
  • Tired of working at the same position
  • Tired of living in the same house
  • Tired of dealing with the same struggles
  • Tired of making the same amount of money
  • Tired of facing the same problems
  • Tired of dealing with the same frustrations
  • and so on?

Are you just sick and tired of it all?

I know the feeling. I used to be sick and tired too. That’s

what caused me to make changes in my life. I decided enough was Continue reading

What is a Life Coach?

My photo
The REAL Life Coach…

What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach? That term is so popular these days that everybody and their momma are becoming one. To put it simply, a life coach is someone who helps you improve your life in a particular area.

But how do you know if you have chosen the right life coach for you? Well, it should go without saying that a life coach should at the very least, give you life, right? I mean, why would the term life even be in the phrase if the coach didn’t give you life?

Here is the issue: Many ‘life coaches’ help people improve themselves in certain areas, whether starting a business, becoming more spiritual, growing their careers, improving relationships, or losing weight. However, how many life coaches out there really help you get life? Continue reading

Knowing Your Purpose in Life

conquered mountain photo: I conquered the Mountain!!! Vacation049.jpg
Be the person God designed you to be…

Why do you exist? Is it to run a small business to serve people? Is it to start a ministry? Is it to open a nonprofit charity to feed the hungry in other parts of the world? Is it to be a teacher and teach inner city youth how to be more productive citizens?

I’ll have you know that your purpose in life has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things. Your purpose has everything to do with who you are! It’s why God made you, and what it is about you (your character, nature, mission, vision, heart, etc.) that make you a special vessel fit for God’s use.

Your Primary Purpose is to Serve God

In general, it will suffice to say that your purpose in life is to serve God. That’s it. Anyone that makes a vessel or an object, a tool, a piece of equipment and so forth had a vision for it before they made it. They had a plan for its usage. They made it to accomplish something. Such is the case with God. You were made by Him according to His vision of you before He made you. You are a tool in His hand that is used to accomplish His purpose (not yours). So whatever that purpose is, just know that it’s to honor and glorify Him. Continue reading

Progressing in the Kingdom of God

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Get the audio!

Progressing in the Kingdom of God is commonly talked about. But what does it mean? And if you find yourself not being where you want to be in life, are you really progressing in the Kingdom? Suppose you want to start a business, but haven’t yet, are you making progress in God’s Kingdom? If you fail to make the money you want, have the spouse you want, live in the house you want, travel the world, become a leader, and similar things, does that mean you’re not progressing in God?

Listen in on this brief audio, where I shed some light on the process of progressing in the Kingdom of God. You don’t want to miss this. It will show you where you are in life, and show you that it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be!!

Listen in >>>http://bit.ly/19Kxu9P

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Become the person God wants you to be! These 30+ spiritual lessons will
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