An Excerpt from My Upcoming eBook on 8.1.11: Reasoning Versus Faith

I suddenly felt the need to give you some midday motivation [U.S. time]. So, I pulled out an excerpt from my upcoming eBook on spirituality scheduled for 8.1.11. Here is that excerpt, which discusses the detriments of excessive reasoning:

“Reasoning is an important and necessary part of life. Yet, there is one thing one must know about reasoning: It’s a faith-breaker. Yes, excessive reasoning hinders a person’s faith. Additionally, reasoning, the same thing that allows one to succeed, may also be the cause of their failure in life.

Here’s why: True success has God in the midst. In order to really succeed, fulfill one’s purpose, and become the person one is capable of being in life, they need God’s help. God will never create a life for an individual that subtracts God from the person’s equation for success. God wants to be glorified through people. As such, one will have an insurmountable challenge or opportunity in their life, whereby he will have to rely on God’s help to overcome that challenge or opportunity. Accordingly, in order to really trust God to achieve the impossible, a person needs to have faith. Faith is contrary to reason.”

I hope those paragraphs inspire you to develop your faith, go higher in God, and become the person you are capable of being. Stay tuned for more inspirational posts on my blog. As always…

Lets go higher,


PS. My eBook is set to release on 8.1.11. I have decided to give a special bonus to the first 10 people that purchase it on launch day. Stay tuned for updates…

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